J. DILLA (JAY DEE) - Donuts

vinyl 2LP (new stock)

Condition: M / M
Label: Stonesthrow
Catalogue No: STH 2126
(13/35) Warning: This album is one of the illest collections of dopest Instrumental Hip-Hop beats ever recorded. This album remains one of his most inspirational productions. One unmissable record, no doubt. (This is the alternate 'Smile Cover' that differs from the Donut graphic sleeve).

Sleeve is slightly water damaged, nothing major though.
  • A1 Donuts (Outro)
  • A2 Workinonit
  • A3 Waves
  • A4 Light My Fire
  • A5 The New
  • A6 Stop
  • A7 People
  • A8 The Diff'rence
  • B1 Mash
  • B2 Time: The Donut Of The Heart
  • B3 Glazed
  • B4 Airworks
  • B5 Lightworks
  • B6 Stepson Of The Clapper
  • B7 The Twister (Huh, What)
  • C1 One Eleven
  • C2 Two Can Win
  • C3 Don't Cry
  • C4 Anti-American Graffiti
  • C5 Geek Down
  • C6 Thunder
  • C7 Gobstopper
  • D1 One For Ghost
  • D2 Dilla Says Go
  • D3 Walkinonit
  • D4 The Factory
  • D5 U-Love
  • D6 Hi.
  • D7 Bye.
  • D8 Last Donut Of The Night
  • D9 Welcome To The Show