Surrounding Areas
12" vinyl

Condition: M / M
Label: Tropical Animals
Catalogue No: TA0004
Baldelli needs no intro. A veteran in the music making scene deliver 4 slabs of cosmic beauty. This time his partner in crime is Dario Piana. Together they forge the very solid and clean 'Double Yellow Line'. Cosmic keys and effects are dropped with not warning on a bad boy bassline and a chuggy balearic house beat. Followed up by 'Just The Time Of A Trip', which ups the tempo and adds some crazy psych, almost jazzy synths on top to keep the fun going. On the B Side, we go full cosmic journey with the aptly titled 'Cosmic Mood'. The tempo is slowed down again and a beautiful melody meanders in and out to produce a classic Baldelli futuristic trip. Closing affairs is 'Closer To The Source'. A very nice chugger with a heavy bassline and gorgeous synth keys. Some vocals sample with heavy reverb and echo effects thrown in to complete what is my fave track of the pack
  • A1 Double Yellow Lines
  • A2 Just The Time Of A Trip
  • B1 Cosmic Mood
  • B2 Closer To The Source

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