FERDI - Little River / Befreit

Little River / Befreit
12" vinyl

Condition: Plain / EX
Label: Claremont 56
Catalogue No: C56061
'Little River' is breathtakingly good. Opening with the sound o a babbling brook, it sees Schuster wrap plucked, sun-kissed acoustic guitar licks and jaunty vintage synthesizer motifs around a languid, samba-infuenced groove. As the track progresses, further magical musical elements come to the fore, including blissful electric piano solos and more mazy synthesizer solos, seemingly played on battere old equipment from the turn of the '80s. Schuster's love of the acoustic guitar is explored further on similarly impressive B-side 'Befreit'. Here, gently strummed chords and fuid Spanish guitar motifs catch the ear, as hushed cymbals and gentle hand percussion lap at your feet like the sea at sunrise. The German producer adds atmosphere through a combination of leisurely Hammond organ solos and a touch of Jew's Harp. When all of these immaculate elements combine, the results are little less than spellbinding.
  • A Little River
  • B Befreit

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