BITTER END - Dimension Extension / Be There Again

Dimension Extension / Be There Again
12" vinyl

Condition: Plain / M
Label: Bitter End
Catalogue No: GALL007
Herrrre's Parrot, or Crooked Man, or indeed, Bitter End; as the multi-faced producer struggles with his identity we benefit through a slew of top drawer house music from the Sheffield native. "Dimension Extension" on side A, cooks up a sumptuously throbbing, cockle-warming disco stew from the meagre ingredients of a sprouted wah wah guitar potato, brass carrots and a bouquet garni of dizzying strings. Yum yum! On the flip "Be There Again" takes as inspiration a swirling funk-soul nugget from '77, augmented with some 21st century sonic sorcery and most welcome synth noodle in the 3rd act.
  • A Dimension Extension
  • AA Be There Again

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