vinyl 2LP (new stock)

Condition: EX / M
Label: Hauch
Catalogue No: HAUCH 06
(18/47) Ai take Krautrock as a touch-stone, spinning it further from there into the now and, of course, beyond. This is super immersive, intense stuff, this record is a trip. There's a lot of things going on and stretching out simultaneously, spontaneously, but still beautifully choreographed - the analogue sequencer lines, the warm fuzz guitars with long sustain, the motorik drumming, the shimmering pads - to create a glorious type of psychedelic dance music. Very limited and very good.
  • A1 Ai Theme
  • A2 Aruki Ikura
  • A3 Amberica
  • B4 Aleister Instamatic
  • C1 Anikulapo Immortal
  • D1 A Huge Structure Far Behind The Sun

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