ALEXANDER MELZAK - Alexander Melzak

Alexander Melzak
vinyl LP

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Light Sounds Dark
Catalogue No: LSD031
2021 debut LP, rife with glittering arps and diaphanous harmonics, and named with perfectly lofty track titles, Melzak’s eponymous slab plays right into LSD’s black hole of vinyl enigmas, sounds somewhere between Werkbund and Tangerine Dream.
  • A1 The Paradox Of Peace From Violence
  • A2 Random Certainties Collide In The Fathomless Nature Of Things
  • A3 Life Of A Blade Of Grass Explained In Music
  • A4 A Prayer To The Old Gods
  • A5 Perfection Of The Human Form
  • A6 Threnody To The People Of Melancholy And Disenchantment In A World Devoid Of Magic
  • B10 Fantasia On A Theme Of Fucking Horror
  • B11 Sometimes We All Have To Leave And Quickly
  • B12 Obliteration Of A Digital Self
  • B7 What Lives In The Darkness Reveals Itself Sometimes
  • B8 Sarah's Transcendent, Sublime, Alien, Nightmare Preserved For All Eternity
  • B9 Lanterns

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