ARVE HENRIKSEN - The Timeless Nowhere

The Timeless Nowhere
vinyl 4LP & 2CD

Condition: M / M
Label: Rune Grammofon
Catalogue No: RLP3210
”The Timeless Nowhere” consists of 42 tracks distributed across 4 individual albums, each with stunning artwork by Kim Hiorthøy and assembled in a sturdy slipcase. ”Towards Language - Live at Punkt” has previously only been available for streaming and downloads, while the 3 other albums consist of brand new material as well as previously unreleased selections from the past 10 years, carefully assembled by Arve into albums that could have been released separately

Still sealed.
  • A1 Traces Of Words
  • A1 Shadow Lines
  • A1 Amazed By Its Beauty
  • A1 Origin
  • A2 Aspirations
  • A2 Prelude Unfolding
  • A2 From A Distance
  • A2 Perfectly Diffuse
  • A3 Patient Zero
  • A3 Pathless Forest
  • A3 Fog And Light
  • A3 Subsurface
  • A4 Towards Language
  • A4 Guarded
  • A4 Cinématique Graphique
  • A4 Traces, Marks And Imprints Of Time
  • A4 Radiative
  • A5 Groundswell
  • A5 Port Of Call
  • A5 Abandoned Schoolhouse
  • A5 Eating Stars
  • A6 Monochrome Garden
  • A6 Valley Echolocation
  • A7 The Storyteller
  • B1 Turf War
  • B1 The Timeless Nowhere
  • B1 The Painter, The Poet And The Past
  • B1 Intoku
  • B2 Vivification
  • B2 Chamber Calibration
  • B2 Bedehus - House Of Prayer
  • B2 Levitation
  • B3 Biding Time
  • B3 Embracing Life Of Solitude
  • B3 Tún - Old Remains Of Settlememt
  • B3 Aerial
  • B4 Paridae
  • B4 Dimly Lit Frescoes
  • B4 Water Inscriptions
  • B4 Myosis
  • B5 Point Of Departure
  • B5 Tilia Cordata

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