12" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: Plain / M
Label: Versatile
Catalogue No: VER117
(17/38) The title track starts the dance with hypnotic bass tones, swirling saz and trilling FM strings, erupting into a true trance-dance once the Middle Eastern motorik drums clatter through the sound system. Stefan takes things slow and low Salon-style with "Old Oil", delivering a robotic shoulder roller complete with garbled melodies, backwards synth swells, dramatic Eastern melodies and a sludgy bassline - top marks. Over on the flip "Defender" revisits some of the A-side sound palette, but catapults those cosmic tones into a realm of amphetamine fuelled intensity - peaktime psychedelia for any and all dance floors. After that blast of uptempo excitement, things drop down into the disorienting dark of the basement via "Blech", a mad overlay of contrasting time signatures, off beat rhythms, skronking sax and lilting bass which could easily have found a home on a Danielle Dax LP. Paris and Dusseldorf in full effect.
  • A1 Abel
  • A2 Old Oil
  • B1 Defender
  • B2 Blech

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