ABACUS - Analogue Stories Vol 1

Analogue Stories Vol 1
12" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: Plain / M
Label: Re:Think
Catalogue No: RETHINK004
(2425) Deep house originator Abacus is back in the game having revived his Re: Think label "with a new vision & energy." The first EP, Analogue Stories Vol 1, is a bold one that opens with a monologue from a classic New York movie about street gang warriors. It sets a moody tone which then leads into warm deep house grooves. 'Spaceflight' rides on loose, jumbled drums, toms and basslines that are topped with sustained cosmic chords and 'In4mation' then brings heady and wispy melodies that encourage you to dream as the soul-drenched grooves roll on. 'Blaktronics' shuts down with a more prickly percussive edge. It's a welcome return for this master of the form.
  • A1 That Real Live
  • A2 Spaceflight
  • B1 In4mation
  • B2 Blaktronics

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