vinyl LP (new stock)

Condition: NM / M
Label: Yaxteq
Catalogue No: YXTQ-011
(2425) New Album from UR's DJ Dex! "Shards" remembers the future of techno beginning with restlessness and urgency. A time where disco, funk, hip-hop and electro rocked hood parties via boomboxes, DIY recordings and sound systems. Our culture has since been shattered into shards that must be reconstructed, reshaped, remixed and reconnected. The A-side launches with the broken techno of “Somos Cosmos” then onto the hi-tech funk of “Antivenom” and “Volcanismo” followed by the b-boy breaks of “Radiotron”. The B-side explores UR inspired electro on “Disconnected” and “Electroreceptor” followed by dark and moody “Hyper Cypher” and “Tlalocan”. Nobody does it like UR does it!
  • A1 Somos Cosmos
  • A2 Antivenom
  • A3 Volcanismo
  • A4 Radiotron
  • B1 Disconnected
  • B2 Electroreceptor
  • B3 Hyper Cypher
  • B4 Tlalocan

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