MARCUS INTALEX - Zumbar / Temperance

Zumbar / Temperance
12" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: EX / M
Label: Soul:r
Catalogue No: SOULR015
Gone but absolutely not forgotten, Marcus Intalex still feels present in the drum & bass scene, such is his massive legacy. Given how much original copies still fetch, it feels right for his very first solo 12" on Soul:r to get a fresh airing and put paid to the sharks. 'Zumbar' leads the way on this two-tracker, carrying some of those ascendant Rhodes notes and dusty brass stabs that made for a new angle on soulful D&B. Sharper than liquid, and a touch fatter than the Full Cycle crew, Intalex struck on something special here. The same goes on the flip with 'Temperance', which leans in on the synths for an amen powered peak time rusher that hasn't aged a bit.
  • A Zumbar
  • B Temperance

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