In Memory
vinyl 4LP box set

Condition: VG / NM
Label: London
Catalogue No: 2564 69929 1
Limited 2007 release in large Hessian outer box. Inside are 'Unknown Pleasures', 'Closer' and 'Still', plus a black on black printed insert. Each album has the bare minimum of artwork (almost none) and is indentified mainly by the textured sleeve and colour of the card.

(Top edge on sleeve of Unknown Pleasures and Closer have 2" split hence grade of VG)
  • A1 Disorder
  • A2 Day Of The Lords
  • A3 Candidate
  • A4 Insight
  • A5 New Dawn Fades
  • B1 She's Lost Control
  • B2 Shadowplay
  • B3 Wilderness
  • B4 Interzone
  • B5 I Remember Nothing
  • C1 Atrocity Exhibition
  • C2 Isolation
  • C3 Passover
  • C4 Colony
  • C5 A Means To An End
  • D1 Heart And Soul
  • D2 Twenty Four Hours
  • D3 The Eternal
  • D4 Decades
  • E1 Excercise One
  • E2 Ice Age
  • E3 The Sound Of Music
  • E4 Glass
  • E5 The Only Mistake
  • F1 Walked In Line
  • F2 The Kill
  • F3 Something Must Break
  • F4 Dead Souls
  • F5 Sister Ray
  • G1 Ceremony
  • G2 Shadowplay
  • G3 Means To An End
  • G4 Passover
  • G5 New Dawn Fades
  • G6 Twenty Four Hours
  • H1 Transmission
  • H2 Disorder
  • H3 Isolation
  • H4 Decades
  • H5 Digital

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