KYLE DIXON & MICHAEL STEIN - Stranger Things - Volume One (A Netflix Original Series)

Volume One (A Netflix Original Series)
vinyl 2LP

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Lakeshore Records
Catalogue No: INV176LP
Rare aquamarine w/ white & black splatter vinyl pressing of the first volume of the excellent soundtrack to the just-as-excellent sci-fi/horor series; in gatefold sleeve with insert.
  • A01 Stranger Things
  • A02 Kids
  • A03 Nancy And Barb
  • A04 This Isn't You
  • A05 Lay-Z-Boy
  • A06 Friendship
  • A07 Eleven
  • A08 A Kiss
  • A09 Castle Byers
  • B01 Hawkins
  • B02 The Upside Down
  • B03 After Sarah
  • B04 One Blink For Yes
  • B05 Photos In The Woods
  • C01 Fresh Blood
  • C02 Lamps
  • C03 Hallucinations
  • C04 Hanging Lights
  • C05 Biking To School
  • C06 Are You Sure?
  • C07 Agents
  • C08 Papa
  • C09 Cops Are Good At Finding
  • C10 No Weapons
  • D01 Walking Through The Upside Down
  • D02 She'll Kill You
  • D03 Run Away
  • D04 No Autopsy
  • D05 Dispatch
  • D06 Joyce And Lonnie Fighting
  • D07 Lights Out
  • D08 Hazmat Suits
  • D09 Theoretically
  • D10 You Can Talk To Me
  • D11 What Else Is There To Do?
  • D12 Hawkins Lab

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