Sitra Achra
CD album

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Todestrieb records ‎
Catalogue No: TTR 032
One man band BM album from New Zealand which has "7 tracks of the “old-school” or perhaps “traditional” Scandinavian black metal sound. The guitars shred away in that typical treble distorted black metal sound and the drums pound along varying from slower parts to full-speed blast beats. The vocals sound mostly traditionally high shrieking screaming, but at parts lower grunts can be heard".
  • 1 Sitra Achra
  • 2 Malaise
  • 3 L'Ange Du Meridien
  • 4 Bitter Sagacity
  • 5 Sonnets To Orpheus
  • 6 Leaden Horizon
  • 7 Schlußstück

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