BEWITCHER - Under The Witching Cross

Under The Witching Cross
CD album

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Shadow Kingdom Records ‎
Catalogue No: SKR171CD
"Fast, furious and fierce, Bewitcher are a brutal avalanche of savagery, and for thirty minutes they lacerate everything that gets in their way... ‘Under The Witching Cross’ explodes into life with the speed metal cacophony ‘Savage Lands Of Satan’. Gruff vocals, thrashy rhythms and scorching pace push the opening salvo along at break neck speed...Out and out speed blended with thrash metal nuances and the traditional sound of heavy metal, Bewitcher are a savage commodity, delivering a “blow the cobwebs away” journey of thrills". 2019 album.
  • 1 Savage Lands Of Satan
  • 2 Hexenkrieg
  • 3 Under The Witching Cross
  • 4 Heathen Women
  • 5 Too Fast For The Flames
  • 6 In The Sign Of The Goat
  • 7 Rome Is On Fire
  • 8 Frost Moon Ritual

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