CURVED AIR - Phantasmagoria


Condition: EX / EX
Label: Esoteric Recordings
Catalogue No: PECLEC22638
2018 remaster with three bonus tracks and a DVD of 1972 live performances from Belgian & Austrian TV.
  • CD-1 Marie Antoinette
  • CD-10 Sarah's Concern
  • CD-11 Marie Antoinette (French Lyrics Version)
  • CD-12 Melinda (More Or Less) (Italian Lyrics Version)
  • CD-2 Melinda (More Or Less)
  • CD-3 Not Quite The Same
  • CD-4 Cheetah
  • CD-5 Ultra-Vivaldi
  • CD-6 Phantasmagoria
  • CD-7 Whose Shoulder Are You Looking Over Anyway
  • CD-8 Over And Above
  • CD-9 Once A Ghost Always A Ghost
  • DVD-1 Marie Antoinette
  • DVD-2 Propositions
  • DVD-3 Melinda (More Or Less)
  • DVD-4 Vivaldi
  • DVD-5 Melinda (More Or Less)
  • DVD-6 Phantasmagoria
  • DVD-7 Ultra-Vivaldi

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