BLUES CREATION - Demon & Eleven Children = 悪人と11人の子供達

Demon & Eleven Children = 悪人と11人の子供達
CD album

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Columbia
Catalogue No: COCA-15240
" ....among this album's awesomely grinding, groaning dinosaur stomps one finds the acid-trip apocalypse of "Atomic Bombs Away," the incendiary full-band catharsis of "Just I Was Born," and the endless sequence of Godzilla-esque power chords and elephantine feedback of the epic title track. However, nestled among these, there is also the relative variety provided by token blues-rocker "Mississippi Mountain Blues" (clearly inspired by Flower Travellin' Band's own "Louisiana Blues," released the previous year), the extended jazz and blues improvisations of the mostly mellower "Sorrow" (something of a bridge between Sabbath and Budgie!), and the lysergic dreamscape of "One Summer Day." 1998 Japanese reissue.

Incs OBI.
  • 1 原爆落し = Atomic Bombs Away
  • 2 ミシシッピー・マウンテン・ブル−ズ = Mississippi Mountain Blues
  • 3 ジャスト・アイ・ワズ・ボーン = Just I Was Born
  • 4 悲しみ = Sorrow
  • 5 ワン・サマー・デイ = One Summer Day
  • 6 脳天杭打ち = Brane Baster
  • 7 スーナー・オア・レイター = Sooner Or Later
  • 8 悪魔と11人の子供 = Demon & Eleven Children

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