GOBLIN - Profondo Rosso (Original Film Soundtrack)

Profondo Rosso (Original Film Soundtrack)
vinyl 2LP (new stock)

Condition: M / M
Label: Death Waltz Recording Company
Catalogue No: DW129
Limited edition re-issue from 2018. Pressed on two albums, 140 Gram vinyl (500 ONLY BLACK VINYL) Housed inside a gatefold sleeve with spot metallic ink. (UK RETAIL EDITION)
  • A1 Profondo Rosso
  • A2 Death Dies
  • A3 Mad Puppet
  • B1 Wild Session
  • B2 Deep Shadows
  • B3 School At Night
  • B4 Gianna
  • C1 Profondo Rosso (Main Titles Sequence)
  • C2 Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #1, Too Formal)
  • C3 School At Night (Murderous Thoughts)
  • C4 Wild Session - Profondo Rosso (A Twisted Mind)
  • C5 School At Night (Lullaby Echo, Tape Recorder Version)
  • C6 Death Dies (Helga Is Murdered)
  • C7 Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #3, Four Hands Piano)
  • C8 Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #2, Playing With Death)
  • D1 School At Night (Lullaby Instrumental Version)
  • D10 Profondo Rosso (Finale With Original Sound Effects)
  • D2 Profondo Rosso (Death Rituals)
  • D3 Death Dies (Amanda Is Murdered)
  • D4 Deep Shadows (Marc Finds The Corpses Of Amanda And Helga)
  • D5 Death Dies (Giordani Is Murdered)
  • D6 Deep Shadows (Gianna's Blue)
  • D7 Deep Shadows (The Walled Rooms)
  • D8 Deep Shadows (Villa On Fire)
  • D9 School At Night (Lullaby Child Version, Flashback)

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