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12" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: M / M
Label: Golf Channel Recordings
Catalogue No: CHANNEL-045
(14/48) The Light Machine gets us underway in weightless fashion, as Apiento and Hale deliver a low slung, throbbing, acid led taste of heaven which has been garnering rave reviews from the Balearic mafia. As we start to drift away on the warm air, "ESP" sees Apiento and Tregoning speed us on our way to paradise with a warm breeze of Balearic acid which recalls the best moments of The Art of Noise if they were still making music in 2014. On the flipside, Swiss DJ, producer and thoroughly nice chap Lexx rounds off the package perfectly with his buoyant extension of "ESP"

PLEASE NOTE:- the sleeve has some wear and ring wear but most of the damage is on the rear where the cover is torn, removing the lower portion of the print - presumably it was stuck to another record by damp.
  • A1 The Light Machine
  • A2 E.S.P
  • B1 E.S.P (Lexx Escape From The Island Remix)