BANANARAMA - Bananarama
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Condition: EX / VG
Label: Edsel
Catalogue No: EDSG 8030
2013 remastered compilation, collects original 1984 album with bonus tracks and videos. Issued in glossy book-like packaging with each disc housed in a paper envelope/page of the book.
  • CD1-1 Cruel Summer
  • CD1-10 The Wild Life
  • CD1-11 Cairo
  • CD1-12 Push!
  • CD1-13 Live Now
  • CD1-14 Cruel Summer (12" Version)
  • CD1-15 Robert De Niro's Waiting (Extended Version)
  • CD1-16 Rough Justice (Extended Version)
  • CD1-17 The Wild Life (Extended Version)
  • CD1-18 Cruel Summer ('89 Swing Beat Dub)
  • CD1-2 Rough Justice
  • CD1-3 King Of The Jungle
  • CD1-4 Dream Baby
  • CD1-5 Link
  • CD1-6 Hot Line To Heaven
  • CD1-7 State I'm In
  • CD1-8 Robert De Niro's Waiting
  • CD1-9 Through A Child's Eyes
  • CD2-1 Cruel Summer ('89 Swing Beat Version)
  • CD2-10 Push! (Extended Version - "Link" / "Push!")
  • CD2-11 State I'm In (Extended Version)
  • CD2-12 The Wild Life (Dub Version)
  • CD2-13 Cruel Summer (Summer Dub)
  • CD2-14 State I'm In (Instrumental)
  • CD2-15 The Wild Life (Instrumental)
  • CD2-16 Cruel Summer ('89 Swing Beat Instrumental)
  • CD2-2 Robert De Niro's Waiting (7" Version)
  • CD2-3 Rough Justice (7" Version)
  • CD2-4 Hot Line To Heaven (7" Version)
  • CD2-5 The Wild Life (7" Version)
  • CD2-6 Cruel Summer (Cruel Dub)
  • CD2-7 Rough Justice (Original 12" Mix)
  • CD2-8 King Of The Jungle (Unsegued Version)
  • CD2-9 Dream Baby (Unsegued Version)
  • DVD-1 Cruel Summer
  • DVD-10 Rough Justice (On "Top Of The Pops")
  • DVD-11 Michael, Row The Boat Ashore (On "Saturday Superstore")
  • DVD-2 Robert De Niro's Waiting
  • DVD-3 Rough Justice
  • DVD-4 Hot Line To Heaven
  • DVD-5 State I'm In
  • DVD-6 The Wild Life
  • DVD-7 Cruel Summer '89
  • DVD-8 Cruel Summer (On "Top Of The Pops")
  • DVD-9 Robert De Niro's Waiting (On "The Russell Harty Show")