BRUNO SPOERRI - Extrakugel
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Condition: EX / EX
Label: Disposable Music
Catalogue No: DIM002
Second release in the Finders Keepers' Library record series 'Disposable Music'. A library subscription disc. That was limited to only 500 copies. Packaged in especially die-cut front sleeve entitled 'Disposable Music'. Features more mechanical motivational music from the mythical character Bruno Spoerri. 'EXTRAKUGEL' follows on from where Finders Keepers sixth release 'GLUCKSKUGEL' finished.
  • A1 Age Of Cannons 1
  • A2 Age Of Cannons 2
  • A3 Automation 1
  • A4 Automation 2
  • A5 Background Rhythm 1
  • A6 Lilith - Singing In The Closet
  • A7 Background Rhythm
  • B1 Pannie's Afternoon
  • B2 Lilith - Prepare For The Show
  • B3 Bicycle Ride
  • B4 Background Rhythm 3
  • B5 Walkers
  • B6 Lilith - Going To Work
  • B7 Background Rhythm 4
  • B8 Roll On