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Lady Bug
12" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: M / M
Label: RCA
Catalogue No: JD-11522
Originally released in 1978 on Greg Charmichael's Red Greg Records, ‘Lady Bug’ and "Love Bug" are probably Bumblebee Unlimited's most recognizable hits. Much like Cloud One, Universal Robot Band and Inner Life, Bumblebee Unlimited was a studio-based disco unit conducted by Patrick Adams and Gregory Carmichael. As with the original "Lady Bug" 12" Single, the John Morales and Frank Trimarco "Sunshine Sound" mix takes the A-side of the RCA release. A true Disco version in every sense of the word, this almost 10 minute mix brings out the Latin percussions to the front making it a true dance floor classic and establishing John Morales as one of the best remixers in the industry. The B-Side belongs to one of New York City's hottest DJs at the time: Larry Levan. Despite being a very early remix by the Legendary Paradise Garage DJ, the talent was evident and his understanding of a club mix in wide displa
  • A Lady Bug (Disco)
  • B Lady Bug