CRASS - Christ - The Album
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The Album
vinyl 2LP

Condition: VG / G
Label: Crass
Catalogue No: BOLLOX2U2
1982 2LP box set, 40 tracks, with 'A Series Of Shock Slogans And Mindless Token Tantrums' booklet and large poster. Some minor wear to the box and some marks on the vinyl.

Very minor wear to sleeve's edges.
  • A1 Have A Nice Day
  • A2 Mother Love
  • A3 Nineteen Eighty Bore
  • A4 I Know There Is Love
  • A5 Beg Your Pardon
  • A6 Birth Control 'n' Rock 'n' Roll
  • A7 Reality Whitewash
  • B1 It's The Greatest Working Class Rip-Off
  • B2 Deadhead
  • B3 You Can Be Who?
  • B4 Buy Now Pay As You Go
  • B5 Rival Tribal Revel Rebel (Pt. 2)
  • B6 Bumhooler
  • B7 Sentiment (White Feathers)
  • B8 Major General Despair
  • C1 Banned From The Roxy
  • C10 Heart-Throb Of The Mortuary
  • C11 Bumhooler
  • C12 Big A Little A
  • C13 First Woman
  • C2 The Sound Of One Hand
  • C3 Punk Is Dead
  • C4 Nagasaki Nightmare
  • C5 Darling
  • C6 Bata Motel Blues
  • C7 Berkertex Bribe
  • C8 Fold It In Half
  • C9 Big Hands
  • D1 Arlington 73
  • D10 Do They Owe Us A Living
  • D11 So What
  • D12 Salt 'n' Pepper
  • D2 Bomb Plus Bomb Tape
  • D3 Contaminational Power
  • D4 I Ain't Thick
  • D5 G's Song
  • D6 Securicor
  • D7 I Can't Stand It
  • D8 Shaved Women
  • D9 A Part Of Life