CURVED AIR - Second Album
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Second Album

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Esoteric Recordings
Catalogue No: PECLEC22637
2019 remastered reissue with 5 bonus tracks and a DVD consisting of live performances culled from shows in Paris & Bremen(both 1971)and a Warner Brothers promo film about the band.

Audio disc has a couple of pinprick marks.
  • CD-1 Young Mother
  • CD-10 It Happened Today
  • CD-11 Blind Man
  • CD-12 Propositions (Including What Happens When You Blow Yourself Up)
  • CD-13 Vivaldi
  • CD-2 Back Street Luv
  • CD-3 Jumbo
  • CD-4 You Know
  • CD-5 Puppets
  • CD-6 Everdance
  • CD-7 Bright Summer's Day '68
  • CD-8 Piece Of Mind
  • CD-9 Young Mother In Style
  • DVD-1 It Happened Today
  • DVD-10 Vivaldi
  • DVD-11 Back Street Luv (Version 1)
  • DVD-12 Piece Of Mind
  • DVD-13 Back Street Luv (Version 2)
  • DVD-2 Vivaldi
  • DVD-3 Screw
  • DVD-4 Back Street Luv
  • DVD-5 Propositions
  • DVD-6 Interview
  • DVD-7 Vivaldi
  • DVD-8 It Happened Today
  • DVD-9 Propositions