DAVID HOLMES - Stop Arresting Artists
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Stop Arresting Artists
4x12" vinyl box

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Go Beat
Catalogue No: 557 298-1
Classic collection of tracks from David Holmes. Featuring remixes from Fridge, Major Force and a whole host of other breakbeat technicians.
  • A Head Rush On Lafeyette (Fridge Remix)
  • B Rodney Yates (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
  • C1 Gritty Shaker (Mix 1)
  • C2 Gritty Shaker (Richard Fearless Remix)
  • D1 Gritty Shaker (Red Snapper Remix)
  • D2 Gritty Shaker (Out Latin Thing Remix)
  • E1 Don't Die Just Yet (Arab Strap Remix)
  • E2 Don't Die Just Yet (Don't Chant Just Yet)
  • F1 Don't Die Just Yet (Max 404 Remix Edit)
  • F2 Don't Die Just Yet (Delakota Remix)
  • G1 My Mate Paul (Major Force Remix)
  • G2 My Mate Paul (Holmes & Goldsworthy Remix)
  • H My Mate Paul (Stereo MC's Remix)