DOOMBRINGER - The Grand Sabbath

The Grand Sabbath
CD album

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions
Catalogue No: ANTI-GOTH 273
"The riffing tends to favor ugly death metal grime in the slower sections and more blackened, unholy terror tremolo during the faster parts.... Doombringer make excellent use of a varied vocal approach. There are scathing mid-ranged black metal rasps, with sort of a desperate hollering edge to them, panicked shouting, and haunted church monk chants. The rhythm section is equally on point, Sepulchral Ghoul's marching drums sounding like they're really getting beaten to a bloody pulp, especially the savagely abused toms. The very distinct bass tone is used effectively to fatten up the simpler death metal riffs during the slow parts while providing a solid rhythmic riff-anchor when the guitars spiral off into the smokes of hell when the more atmospheric black metal takes over". 2014 album.
  • 1 Labyrinth Of Everlasting Fire / Ecstasy Of Witch Blood
  • 2 Ominous Alliance
  • 3 Nocturnal Assembly
  • 4 Vessel Of Gifts
  • 5 Children To Moloch
  • 6 The Sleep Of Thanatos
  • 7 Grand Sabbath Reaps Souls