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4xCD / DVD / Vinyl LP

Condition: M / M
Label: Warner Brothers
Catalogue No: R2-533806
Still sealed 2013 remastered deluxe edition reissue. Contains remastered album on CD & vinyl LP, bonus CDs of live recordings, demos, studio outtakes and jam sessions. DVD of the 1977 promotional documentary film 'Rosebud', includes behind-the-scenes interviews, rehearsal footage and live performances.
  • A1 Second Hand News
  • A2 Dreams
  • A3 Never Going Back Again
  • A4 Don't Stop
  • A5 Go Your Own Way
  • A6 Songbird
  • B1 The Chain
  • B2 You Make Loving Fun
  • B3 I Don't Want To Know
  • B4 Oh Daddy
  • B5 Gold Dust Woman
  • CD1-1 Second Hand News
  • CD1-10 Oh Daddy
  • CD1-11 Gold Dust Woman
  • CD1-12 Silver Springs
  • CD1-2 Dreams
  • CD1-3 Never Going Back Again
  • CD1-4 Don't Stop
  • CD1-5 Go Your Own Way
  • CD1-6 Songbird
  • CD1-7 The Chain
  • CD1-8 You Make Loving Fun
  • CD1-9 I Don't Want To Know
  • CD2-1 Intro
  • CD2-10 World Turning
  • CD2-11 Go Your Own Way
  • CD2-12 Songbird
  • CD2-2 Monday Morning
  • CD2-3 Dreams
  • CD2-4 Don't Stop
  • CD2-5 The Chain
  • CD2-6 Oh Daddy
  • CD2-7 Rhiannon
  • CD2-8 Never Going Back Again
  • CD2-9 Gold Dust Woman
  • CD4-1 Second Hand News (Early Take)
  • CD4-10 Keep Me There (With Vocal)
  • CD4-11 Gold Dust Woman (Early Take)
  • CD4-12 Oh Daddy (Early Take)
  • CD4-13 Silver Springs (Early Take)
  • CD4-14 Planets Of The Universe (Demo)
  • CD4-15 Doesn't Anything Last (Acoustic Duet)
  • CD4-16 Never Going Back Again (Instrumental)
  • CD4-2 Dreams (Take 2)
  • CD4-3 Never Going Back Again (Acoustic Duet)
  • CD4-4 Go Your Own Way (Early Take)
  • CD4-5 Songbird (Demo)
  • CD4-6 Songbird (Instrumental Take 10)
  • CD4-7 I Don't Want To Know (Early Take)
  • CD4-8 Keep Me There (Instrumental)
  • CD4-9 The Chain (Demo)
  • CD5-1 Second Hand News
  • CD5-10 Oh Daddy
  • CD5-11 Think About It
  • CD5-12 Never Going Back Again
  • CD5-13 Planets Of The Universe
  • CD5-14 Butter Cookie (Keep Me There)
  • CD5-15 Gold Dust Woman
  • CD5-16 Doesn't Anything Last
  • CD5-17 Mic The Screecher
  • CD5-18 For Duster (The Blues)
  • CD5-2 Dreams
  • CD5-3 Brushes (Never Going Back Again)
  • CD5-4 Don't Stop
  • CD5-5 Go Your Own Way
  • CD5-6 Songbird
  • CD5-7 Silver Springs
  • CD5-8 You Make Loving Fun
  • CD5-9 Gold Dust Woman #1
  • DVD-1 World Turning
  • DVD-2 Rhiannon
  • DVD-3 Say You Love Me
  • DVD-4 Go Your Own Way
  • DVD-5 You Make Loving Fun
  • DVD-6 I'm So Afraid