GRANT - No Lights EP
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No Lights EP
12" vinyl

Condition: Plain / VG
Label: Lobster Theremin
Catalogue No: LT036
Following an incredible sophomore album for Mörk and a stunning self-released white label, Grant graduates to the Lobster Theremin main label with a full EP proper of signature studio deep house. Refined song-writing, valve warmth, studio air and dusty edges, Grant's production style has taken on a life of it's own as he's progressed from early split EPs on The Lauren Bacall to entering the Lobster fray. His influences, also showcased via his Temporary State label, are worn on his sleeve albeit with a unique sonic quality and structured tension & release that is mastered by so few over such a lulling, woozy template of sound.
  • A1 Feeling (Vocal Mix)
  • A2 Values
  • B1 The Depth
  • B2 No Lights