I MONSTER - Bright Sparks
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Bright Sparks
vinyl LP

Condition: M / M
Label: Twins Of Evil
Catalogue No: BIGTOELP2
Unplayed copy of the 2016 album from the Sheffield experimental electronic pop duo. In gatefold sleeve.

Small inport clip to sleeve opening.
  • A1 The Fantastic Tale Of Dr. Moog And The Birth Of The Shimmering Beast
  • A2 The Uncertain Contents Of The Buchla Box
  • A3 Alan R. Pearlman And The Arpiological Exploration Of The Cosmos
  • A4 The Ballad Of Harry Chamberlain And The Surreptitious Window Cleaner
  • B1 The Bradley Brothers Realise The Transmutation Of The Chamberlain To The Mellotron
  • B2 London, 1969 - The Wizards Of Putney Deny Accusations Of Unholy Enchantment At The Electronic Music
  • B3 Electronic Dream Plant
  • B4 The Further Adventures Of K. Freeman And His Incredible Machine Of A Thousand Strings