JIRAFFE - Out'a The Box
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Out'a The Box
12" vinyl

Condition: Plain / EX
Label: Omaggio
Catalogue No: 001
Produced by the legendary Phil Weeks and originally released on GoldQwest in 1988, "Out'A The Box" is the perfect fusion of proto-house and dub-disco, driven into the peak time by a squidgy bassline, drum machine jack and loose funk synthesiser. Deep pads and hypnotic keys glide through the track from time to time, adding tropical warmth and exotic spice, while the weird vocals do everything in their power to weird us out. If you like things a little less looney then flip it for a dub version which cuts out the vocal and rides the groove 4 daze!
  • A Out'A The Box (Club Vocal Dub Mix)
  • B Out'A The Box (Crazy Club Dub Mix)