MARC BOLAN AND T-REX - Across The Airwaves
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Across The Airwaves
vinyl LP

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Cube Records
Catalogue No: ICS 1004
U.K Mono gatefold sleeve pressing from 1982, Of this compilation of radio sessions, recorded for the Tommy Vance Show between 1969-1971. Including songs 'Jeepster', 'Ride A White Swan', 'Hot Love' and others.
  • A1 The Misty Coast Of Albany
  • A10 Beltane Walk
  • A11 Jewel
  • A2 Iscariot
  • A3 Once Upon The Seas Of Abyssinia
  • A4 Misty Mist
  • A5 Chariots Of Silk
  • A6 Scenescof
  • A7 Girl
  • A8 Life's A Gas
  • A9 Jeepster
  • B1 Sailors Of The Highway
  • B10 Ride A White Swan
  • B2 Suneye
  • B3 A Daye Laye
  • B4 Wind Cheetah
  • B5 By The Light Of A Magical Moon
  • B6 Hot Love
  • B7 Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart
  • B8 Summertime Blues
  • B9 Pavillions Of Sun