MELVINS - Ozma + Bullhead
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Ozma + Bullhead
vinyl 2LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Boner Records
Catalogue No: BR-45-1
Two-in-one2015 reissue of the band's Ozma and Bullhead albums. Packaged in gatefold jacket with transparent plastic inner sleeves with insert..

Some wear to the sleeve.
  • A1 Vile
  • A2 Oven
  • A3 At A Crawl
  • A4 Let God Be Your Gardener
  • A5 Creepy Smell
  • A6 Kool Legged
  • A7 Green Honey
  • A8 Agonizer
  • B1 Raise A Paw
  • B2 Love Thing
  • B3 Ever Since My Accident
  • B4 Revulsion / We Reach
  • B5 Dead Dressed
  • B6 Cranky Messiah
  • B7 Claude
  • B8 My Small Percent Shows Most
  • C1 Boris
  • C2 Anaconda
  • C3 Ligature
  • C4 It's Shoved
  • D1 Zodiac
  • D2 If I Had An Exorcism
  • D3 Your Blessened
  • D4 Cow