NIRVANA (60S) - Songlife
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6x12" vinyl box

Condition: SS / M
Label: Snapper
Catalogue No: SMABX1175
2021 definitive 6 LP box set. Four of the albums have been remastered from the original quarter-inch tapes. Comes with a large-format 52-page book with liner notes by author Peter Doggett, interviews with Patrick and Alex of Nirvana, full discography , rare newspaper clippings, unpublished photos, posters and sleeves and an exclusive Gered Mankowitz print individually signed by the band (Alex Spyropoulos and Patrick Campbell-Lyons). ONLY 1000 copies in the world!

The polythene shrink wrap is still on though is coming away slightly but it IS still sealed.
  • A1 Wings Of Love
  • A2 Lonely Boy
  • A3 We Can Help You
  • A4 Satellite Jockey
  • A5 In The Courtyard Of The Stars
  • B1 You Are Just The One
  • B2 Pentecost Hotel
  • B3 I Never Had A Love Like This Before
  • B4 Take This Hand
  • B5 1999
  • C1 Rainbow Chaser
  • C2 Tiny Goddess
  • C3 The Touchables ( All Of Us )
  • C4 Melanie Blue
  • C5 Trapeze
  • C6 The Show Must Go On
  • D1 Girl In The Park
  • D2 Miami Masquerade
  • D3 Frankie The Great
  • D4 You Can Try It
  • D5 Everybody Loves The Clown
  • D6 St.John's Wood Affair
  • E1 The World Is Cold Without You
  • E2 Excerpt From " The Blind & The Beautiful "
  • E3 I Talk To My Room
  • E4 Christopher Lucyfer
  • E5 Aline Cherie
  • F1 Tres,Tres Bien
  • F2 It Happened Two Sundays Ago
  • F3 Black Flower
  • F4 Love Suite
  • F5 Illinois
  • G1 Modus Operandi ( Method Of Work )
  • I1 Rainbow Chaser
  • I2 Please Believe Me
  • I3 Lord Up Above
  • I4 She's Lost It
  • I5 Nova Sketch
  • J1 Pentecost Hotel
  • J2 I Need Your Love Tonight
  • J3 Will There Be Me
  • J4 Stadium
  • K1 Secrets ( Intro )
  • K2 I Don't Care
  • K3 Someone Stole My Mona Lisa
  • K4 Bingo Boy
  • K5 Living In A Blind Spot
  • K6 It's Good To Have A Heart
  • K7 In The Shadow Of That Old Love Affair
  • L1 I Want To Touch / The Big Fight
  • L2 Two Of A Kind
  • L3 Why Don't You Like Me
  • L4 Secrets ( Reprise )
  • L5 What You Do You Are
  • L6 Freedom Chaser