OASIS - Definitely Maybe
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Definitely Maybe
Vinyl 2LP, 12", 7", 3CD & hardback book

Condition: EX / EX
Label: Big Brother
Catalogue No: -
Limited edition box set comes packaged in a deluxe box with magnetic closure lid and includes: a three CD set, double vinyl edition of the album |(still sealed), a 56 page hard backed coffee table book. Additional content includes a 12” x 12” print, exclusive tote bag, enamel key ring, badge set and a set of 5 postcards with exclusive images from the period. The box set also includes an exclusive 7” single.
  • A1 Rock 'n' Roll Star
  • A2 Shakermaker
  • A3 Live Forever
  • B1 Up In The Sky
  • B2 Columbia
  • B3 Sad Song
  • C1 Supersonic
  • C2 Bring It On Down
  • C3 Cigarettes & Alcohol
  • CD1-1 Rock 'N' Roll Star
  • CD1-10 Slide Away
  • CD1-11 Married With Children
  • CD1-2 Shakermaker
  • CD1-3 Live Forever
  • CD1-4 Up In The Sky
  • CD1-5 Columbia
  • CD1-6 Supersonic
  • CD1-7 Bring It On Down
  • CD1-8 Cigarettes & Alcohol
  • CD1-9 Digsy's Dinner
  • CD2-1 Columbia (White Label Demo)
  • CD2-10 Cloudburst
  • CD2-11 Fade Away
  • CD2-12 Listen Up
  • CD2-13 I Am The Walrus (Live Glasgow Cathouse June '94)
  • CD2-14 Whatever
  • CD2-15 (It's Good) To Be Free
  • CD2-16 Half The World Away
  • CD2-2 Cigarettes & Alcohol (Demo)
  • CD2-3 Sad Song
  • CD2-4 I Will Believe (Live)
  • CD2-5 Take Me Away
  • CD2-6 Alive (Demo)
  • CD2-7 D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?
  • CD2-8 Supersonic (Live)
  • CD2-9 Up In The Sky (Acoustic)
  • CD3-1 Supersonic (Live At Glasgow Tramshed)
  • CD3-10 Fade Away (Demo)
  • CD3-11 Take Me Away (Live At Manchester Academy)
  • CD3-12 Sad Song (Live At Manchester Academy)
  • CD3-13 Half The World Away (Live At Tokyo Hotel Room)
  • CD3-14 Digsy's Dinner (Live Paris In-Store)
  • CD3-15 Married With Children (Demo)
  • CD3-16 Up In The Sky (Live Paris In-Store)
  • CD3-17 Whatever (Strings)
  • CD3-2 Rock 'n' Roll Star (Demo)
  • CD3-3 Shakermaker (Live Paris In-Store)
  • CD3-4 Columbia (Eden Studios Mix)
  • CD3-5 Cloudburst (Demo)
  • CD3-6 Strange Thing (Demo)
  • CD3-7 Live Forever (Live Paris In-Store)
  • CD3-8 Cigarettes & Alcohol (Live At Manchester Academy)
  • CD3-9 D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman (Live At Manchester Academy)
  • D1 Digsy's Dinner
  • D2 Slide Away
  • D3 Married With Children
  • E Supersonic (Live At Glasgow Tramshed)
  • F Cigarettes & Alcohol (Live At Manchester Academy)