PHASE90 - Infinitati
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vinyl 2LP (new stock)

Condition: VG / M
Label: Echospace [detroit]
Catalogue No: PHASE ONE
Infinitati brings the murk. The misty, rainy haze of the city at night is omnipresent, bringing in cosmic sounds and imagery, buried radio static that could be obscured voices for all I know, and those sparse, bleak minor chord stabs. You can hear some flanger subtly soaring over the hissy atmospherics in the background, the perfect accompaniment to a space trip or two. Beat-wise, it begins with something even more downtempo than a slow 4x4, before building up to just that after 5 mins or so. This solitary kick is joined by some little fizzy white noise snares on the B side, becoming even more defined as you get further on into the album. 2x12, sorry. It almost sounds like a normal snare on the unreleased mix of ‘Vinci’, a track that has more mechanistic looping than most of them on here. There’re also some minitreats to be found, the last track on the B side being some crazy little ambient clunk piece that shifts between the ears.
  • A1 Infinitati
  • A2 Ango
  • A3 Dolor
  • B1 Terram
  • B2 Quam
  • C Vinci (Unreleased Mix)
  • D Vinci (Remastered)