SECTION 25 - Always Now
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Always Now
vinyl 5LP box set (new stock)

Condition: SS / SS
Label: Factory Benelux
Catalogue No: FBN3-045
Brand new copy of the 5LP box set edition of this early Factory classic album, expanded from the original release with singles, live tracks and two other hard to find albums from the same period. Four discs are pressed on colour vinyl. All kept in nice slipcase box.
  • A1 Friendly Fires
  • A1 Knew Noise
  • A1 Loose Talk (Costs Lives)
  • A1 Always Now
  • A1 Fallen Monument
  • A2 Dirty Disco
  • A2 Up To You
  • A2 Human Puppets
  • A2 Visitation
  • A2 Are You There?
  • A3 C.P.
  • A3 Girls Don’t Count
  • A3 Knew Noise
  • A3 Regions
  • A3 Virtually Everything
  • A4 Loose Talk (Costs Lives)
  • A4 After Image
  • A4 Friendly Fires
  • A4 The Wheel
  • A4 Tape Loop
  • A5 Inside Out
  • A5 Human Puppets
  • A5 Girls Don’t Count
  • A5 No Abiding Place
  • A5 Subferior
  • A6 Melt Close
  • A6 Once Before
  • A6 Cry
  • A7 In The Garden Of Eden
  • B1 Hit
  • B1 Charnel Ground
  • B1 New Horizon
  • B1 There Was A Time
  • B1 Red Voice
  • B2 Babies In The Bardo
  • B2 Haunted
  • B2 Haunted
  • B2 Wretch
  • B2 Floating
  • B3 Be Brave
  • B3 Je Veux Ton Amour
  • B3 You’re On Your Own
  • B3 Sutra
  • B3 Reading University Jam With New Order
  • B4 New Horizon
  • B4 One true path
  • B4 One Step