THE CORAL - Singles Collection
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Singles Collection
vinyl 3LP

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Deltasonic
Catalogue No: DLTLP083
Comprehensive Singles collection. Also featuring a new song 'Being Somebody Else'. (Includes the original inner sleeve).
  • A1 Dreaming Of You
  • A2 In The Morning
  • A3 Pass It On
  • A4 Don't Think You're The First
  • A5 Jacqueline
  • A6 Secret Kiss
  • A7 Goodbye
  • B1 Shadow's Fall (Original)
  • B2 Liezah
  • B3 Who's Gonna Find Me
  • B4 Bill McCai
  • B5 Put The Sun Back
  • B6 Something Inside Of Me
  • B7 Being Somebody Else
  • C1 When All The Birds Have Flown
  • C2 The Golden Bough
  • C3 Michael's Song
  • C4 The Cry Of The City
  • D1 Everybody's Talkin' (Live)
  • D2 Far From The Crowd (Live)
  • D3 She's Got A Reason (Live)
  • D4 Return Her To Me
  • E1 Monkey To The Moon
  • E2 It Was Nothing
  • E3 Cobwebs (Demo)
  • E4 Simon Diamond (Original)
  • E5 Shadows Fall (4 Track Instrumental)
  • F1 Calendars And Clocks (Demo)
  • F2 Seagulls
  • F3 Dreaming Of You (Demo)
  • F4 It's In Your Hands
  • F5 Reward (Live)
  • F6 Bye Bye Love (Live)