VARIOUS ARTISTS - Rubble Vol.6 - The Clouds Have Groovy Faces
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The Clouds Have Groovy Faces
vinyl LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Past & Present
Catalogue No: PAPRLP006
Volume Six in the Rubble - Psychotic Freakbeat re-issue series. Songs from the Sixties taken from the original mastertapes. An album that was first released by Bam Caruso in 1986. Features The Fairytale 'Lovely People', The Kinsmen 'Glasshouse Green Splinter Red', The Poets 'I Am So Blue', The Ice 'Anniversary Of Love', The End 'Shades Of Orange', Turquoise 'Tales Of Flossie Fillet', The Pudding 'The Magic Bus', The Attack 'Neville Thumbcatch', The Accent 'Red Sky At Night', The Elastic Band '8 1/2 Hours To Paradise', The Attack 'Created By Clive', Two & A Half 'Suburban Early Morning Station', Life 'N' Soul 'Peacefully Asleep', The Poets 'I'll Cry With The Moon', Falling Leaves 'Beggars Parade', Tinkerbells Fairydust '20-10'.
  • A1 Lovely People
  • A2 Glasshouse Green Splinter Red
  • A3 I Am So Blue
  • A4 Anniversary Of Love
  • A5 Shades Of Orange
  • A6 Tales Of Flossie Fillet
  • A7 The Magic Bus
  • A8 Neville Thumbcatch
  • B1 Red Sky At Night
  • B2 8 1/2 Hours To Paradise
  • B3 Created By Clive
  • B4 Suburban Early Morning Station
  • B5 Peacefully Asleep
  • B6 I'll Cry With The Moon
  • B7 Beggars Parade
  • B8 20-10