VIKTOR VAUGHN (MF DOOM) - Vaudeville Villain
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Vaudeville Villain
vinyl 2LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Sound- Ink
Catalogue No: TEG2409 / SIK012
U.S gatefold sleeve vinyl pressing of this album that was stacked with dope rhymes from MF Doom. (A record which is getting very hard to to find now on vinyl).

Only very minimal wear to the cover.
  • A1 Overture
  • A2 Vaudeville Villain
  • A3 Lickupon
  • A4 The Drop
  • A5 Lactose And Lecithin
  • B1 A Dead Mouse
  • B2 Rae Dawn
  • B3 Let Me Watch
  • C1 Saliva
  • C2 Modern Day Mugging
  • C3 Open Mic Nite
  • D1 Never Dead
  • D2 Popsnot
  • D3 Mr. Clean
  • D4 G.M.C.