ELECTRIC CHOC - Anniversary EP

Anniversary EP
12" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: Plain / M
Label: Disco Magic UK
Catalogue No: DMLRX3217
Four-Track EP including Recordings and Remixes of Electric Choc classic tunes. A1 "I'm in Love" was originally released by Disco Magic UK on the A side of DMX 027 where the label incorrectly stated it was a remix of Arkanoid's "Get a Super". It was in fact a DMUK exclusive track unconnected with the Arkanoid tune. It is included here with its correct title, cut from the original 1993 DAT Master. The other three tracks are 2018 versions. This is the yellow label Standard Edition of the 2018 Disco Magic UK full release.
  • A1 I'm in Love (Original 1993 Mix)
  • A2 Move Your Body Now (2018 Pianohead Remix)
  • B1 Shock Your Body Now (2018 Boy Raver Mixup)
  • B2 Shock the Beat (2018 Jason Joy Mix)

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