JAKE STEPHENSON - Selected Works : 1995-1999

Selected Works : 1995-1999
12" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: NM / M
Label: Transmigration
Catalogue No: TM022
(2421) Jake Stephenson's compilation Selected Works: 1995-1999 pays tribute to his diverse musical personas and their eclectic styles. Across celestial sounds that traverse genres, Stephenson showcases his timeless production talent that makes his music very desirable today. On the techno-infused side, Bass Meditation's 'Symbiotic' (D-Troit mix) excites with psychedelic chill-out vibes, while Dr. Psychedelic's 'Hypnotic Tripnotic' seamlessly merges elements of psy trance, techno, and rave music. Shamanic Tribes On Acid takes listeners on a spiritual journey with 'With The Wind Blows Peace,' featuring stunning trance melodies that evoke a sense of serenity. 'Voyage To Atlantis' (Percussion mix) further enhances the atmospheric experience with its soothing ambient tones and floaty beauty through ethereal realms. Selected Works: 1995-1999 serves as a testament to his enduring talent and innovative approach to electronic music.
  • A1 Bass Meditation - Symbiotic (D-Troit Mix)
  • A2 Dr. Psychedelic - Hypnotic Tripnotic
  • B1 Shamanic Tribes On Acid - With The Wind Blows Peace
  • B2 Shamanic Tribes On Acid - Voyage To Atlantis (Percussion Mix)

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