WAX - No. 90009

No. 90009
12" vinyl (new stock)

Condition: Plain / M
Label: Wax
Catalogue No: WAX 90009
(2421) A hugely exciting addition to the decades-spanning Wax alias by Rene Pawlowitz, best known by his techno alias Shed. The eponymous Wax imprint brings, yes, Wax to wax, espousing an ostensibly utilitarian metatext, but still finding much to emote, pour over and find joy in between the beats. With the last addition to the series coming out in 2022 - notably, there are spaces of several years in between each release - the form matches the sparing approach also preferred by the likes of Objekt and Ejeca in recent years: give 'em not much, keep 'em keen, and make it seem like you've poured years of effort into each track. Whether this is actually the case, the space of time between each release does produce the assumption of more time spent on polishing and finessing; a supposition we could believe re: '90009'. Track one spouts reflectively cold melodies and well-staged analog drums, while track two steps out the beats and shuffles out the rhythm to make for a more curious mood; both are balanced gestalts, effortless in their ability to demand of us that we both dance and cry.
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  • B 90009B

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