3RD BASS - The Cactus Album
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The Cactus Album
vinyl LP

Condition: VG / EX
Label: Def Jam Recordings
Catalogue No: 466003-1
The Cactus Album aka The Cactus Cee / D, a dope Hip Hop album from 1988 that features Pete Nice and M.C Serch with production help from Prince Paul, The Bomb Squad (Public Enemy) and Sam Sever. Includes 'Brooklyn Queens', 'Wordz Of Wizdom', 'Product Of The Environment' and 'The Gas Face' (which featured the first recorded rap from a certain Daniel Dumille now more commonly known as MF Doom).
  • A1 Stymie's Theme
  • A10 M.C. Disagree
  • A2 Sons Of 3rd Bass
  • A3 Russell Rush
  • A4 The Gas Face
  • A5 Monte Hall
  • A6 Oval Office
  • A7 Hoods
  • A8 Soul In The Hole
  • A9 Triple Stage Darkness
  • B1 Words Of Wisdom
  • B10 Who's On Third
  • B2 Product Of The Environment
  • B3 Desert Boots
  • B4 The Cactus
  • B5 Jim Backus
  • B6 Flippin' Off The Wall Like Lucy Ball
  • B7 Brooklyn-Queens
  • B8 Steppin' To The A.M.
  • B9 Episode #3