A FOREST OF STARS - A Shadowplay For Yesterdays
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A Shadowplay For Yesterdays
CD album

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Lupus Lounge
Catalogue No: WOLF 050
" If there were hints of prog and British folk influences on AFOS' first two albums, they are now front and centre alongside existentially wary black metal. It’s that perfect combination of rich instrumentation, with each member of this seven-piece band being given a chance to shine, alongside a focused, longform approach to compositions that make for a diverse but fully homogenous work". 2012 release by the Leeds outfit.
  • 1 Directionless Resurrectionist
  • 2 Prey Tell Of The Church Fate
  • 3 A Prophet For A Pound Of Flesh
  • 4 The Blight Of God's Acre
  • 5 Man's Laughter
  • 6 The Underside Of Eden
  • 7 Gatherer Of The Pure
  • 8 Left Behind As Static
  • 9 Corvus Corona Part 1
  • 10 Corvus Corona Part 2
  • 11 Dead Love