AIR - Twentyears
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vinyl 2LP & 2xCD

Condition: M / EX
Label: Aircheology
Catalogue No: 0190295990121
4-panel gatefold in a metallic paper slipcase containing: 2x vinyl: 180gr, in six different colours, randomly packaged – Red, Blue, Clear, Orange, Yellow or Green; 2x black inner sleeve with holes; 3x CD in wallet plus poster.
  • CD1-01 La Femme D'Argent
  • CD1-02 Cherry Blossom Girl
  • CD1-03 Kelly Watch The Stars
  • CD1-04 Playground Love
  • CD1-05 Sexy Boy
  • CD1-06 Venus
  • CD1-07 All I Need
  • CD1-08 Alpha Beta Gaga (Single Edit)
  • CD1-09 Moon Fever
  • CD1-10 Don't Be Light
  • CD1-11 How Does It Make You Feel
  • CD1-12 Once Upon A Time
  • CD1-13 Alone In Kyoto
  • CD1-14 Talisman
  • CD1-15 Run
  • CD1-16 Le Soleil Est Près De Moi
  • CD1-17 Land Me
  • CD2-01 Planet Vega
  • CD2-02 Flowerhead
  • CD2-03 Crickets
  • CD2-04 The Duelist
  • CD2-05 High Point
  • CD2-06 Au Fond Du Rêve Doré
  • CD2-07 Danger Zone
  • CD2-08 Indian Summer
  • CD2-09 The Way You Look Tonight
  • CD2-10 Roger Song
  • CD2-11 J'Ai Dormi Sous L'Eau (BBC Session 1998)
  • CD2-12 Remember (David Whitaker Version)
  • CD2-13 Trente Millions D'Amis (Live KCRW 98)
  • CD2-14 Adis Abebah
  • CD3-01 Latitudes (Air Mix)
  • CD3-02 Purple (La Femme D'Argent Mix)
  • CD3-03 Kootchi (Air Remix)
  • CD3-04 Home (Air 'Around The Golf' Remix)
  • CD3-05 A Better Future (Remix By Air)
  • CD3-06 Heaven Hammer (Missing Remixed By Air)
  • CD3-07 It's Working (Air Remix)
  • CD3-08 Nosferatu (Remix By The Flower Pistols)
  • CD3-09 Rock In The Rain
  • LP1-A1 La Femme D'Argent
  • LP1-A2 Cherry Blossom Girl
  • LP1-A3 Kelly Watch The Stars
  • LP1-A4 Playground Love
  • LP1-B1 Sexy Boy
  • LP1-B2 Venus
  • LP1-B3 All I Need
  • LP1-B4 Alpha Beta Gaga (Single Edit)
  • LP2-C1 Moon Fever
  • LP2-C2 Don't Be Light
  • LP2-C3 How Does It Make You Feel
  • LP2-C4 Surfing On A Rocket
  • LP2-D1 Alone In Kyoto
  • LP2-D2 Talisman
  • LP2-D3 Run
  • LP2-D4 Le Soleil Est Près De Moi