ALEX CHILTON - High Priest
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High Priest

Condition: VG / VG
Label: Mercury
Catalogue No: 832 844-4
"The POWER, the GLORY, the CHILTON. High Priest is endlessly fun, self-assured. It latches on to 90% of your brain's pleasure centers and DOESN'T LET GO. Don't you love Third/Sister Lovers? Me too. This album is THE OPPOSITE. This is the jukebox in Chilton's dome, hope you brought some QUARTERS." 1987 album on ye olde cassette format.
  • A1 Take It Off
  • A2 Let Me Get Close To You
  • A3 Dalai Lama
  • A4 Volaré
  • A5 Thing For You
  • A6 Forbidden Love
  • B1 Make A Little Love
  • B2 Trouble Don't Last
  • B3 Don't Be A Drag
  • B4 Nobody's Fool
  • B5 Come By Here
  • B6 Raunchy