ALEXANDER COURAGE - Star Trek- "The Cage" And "Where No Man Has Gone Before" - Original Television Soundtrack
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Original Television Soundtrack
vinyl pic disc

Condition: Generic / EX
Label: PRT Records
Catalogue No: NCPX 706
Rare 1986 picture disc featuring the music from two classic episodes of the original TV series.
  • A1 Star Trek Theme (Main Title)
  • A10 Vena's Punishment
  • A11 Pike's Punishment
  • A12 Picnic
  • A13 True Love
  • A14 Vena's Dance
  • A15 Torchy Girl
  • A2 Doctor Bartender
  • A3 Survivors
  • A4 Prime Specimen
  • A5 Bottled
  • A6 Probed
  • A7 Monster Illusion
  • A8 Monster Fight
  • A9 The Kibitzers
  • B1 Under The Spell
  • B10 Episode Titles
  • B11 Force Field
  • B12 Silvery Orbs
  • B13 Crippled Ship
  • B14 Speedy Reader
  • B15 Hit The Button
  • B16 On Delta-Vega
  • B17 When Your Eyes Have Turned To Silver
  • B18 Instant Paradise
  • B19 End Title And Credits
  • B2 Primitive Thoughts
  • B20 Additional Credits
  • B3 Wrong Think
  • B4 To Catch A T.
  • B5 Going Up
  • B6 Max's Factor
  • B7 Star Trek Theme (End Title)
  • B8 Main Title
  • B9 Star Date