ANGELIC UPSTARTS - 2,000,000 Voices
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2,000,000 Voices
vinyl LP

Condition: VG / VG
Label: EMI
Catalogue No: ZONO 104
Rare 1981 LP featuring "Ghostown" "England" "Jimmy" "I Wish" etc. Some creasing on the sleeve and a mark around the grooves on ''Ghost Town''.
  • A1 Two Million Voices
  • A2 Ghost Town
  • A3 You're Nicked
  • A4 England
  • A5 Heath's Lament
  • A6 Guns For The Afghan Rebels
  • A7 I Understand
  • B1 Mensi's Marauders
  • B2 Mr. Politician
  • B3 Kids On The Streets
  • B4 Jimmy
  • B5 We're Gonna Take The World
  • B6 Last Night Another Soldier
  • B7 I Wish