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vinyl LP

Condition: VG / VG
Label: EMI
Catalogue No: ZEM 102
15 track lp from UK punk legends featuring :- Teenage Warning / Never 'Ad Nothing / Shotgun Solution / Kids On The Street / I'm An Upstart etc. With the rare bonus flexi single!.

The vinyl and particularly the sleeve are quite worn.
  • A1 Teenage Warning
  • A2 Never 'Ad Nothing
  • A3 Four Words
  • A4 Last Night Another Soldier
  • A5 Guns For The Afghan Rebels
  • A6 Mr. Politician
  • A7 Shotgun Solution
  • A8 Pride Without Prejudice
  • A9 England
  • B1 Police Oppression
  • B2 Kids On The Street
  • B3 I Understand
  • B4 You're Nicked
  • B5 Two Million Voices
  • B6 I'm An Upstart
  • C1 We're Gonna Take The World
  • C2 Leave Me Alone
  • D1 The Young Ones
  • D2 White Riot