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vinyl 2LP

Condition: EX / M
Label: Apparel Music
Catalogue No: APLWAXLP001
A1 draws inspiration from the foundations of Disco Music and it’s the best way to kick it off in style, followed by A2 which is a groovy cinematic variation on the motif. B1 is inspired by UK’s broken-beats from the early 00’s, wisely blended with deep keys and spacey synths while B2 closes the 1st vinyl in the best possible Apparel-ish way with a track that puts together all the elements that make the label recognisable: solid rhythmics, jazzy vibes & groovy vocals. The second vinyl begins with C1 and brings us back to the roots with a tune that tastes like a new version of a classic house sensation with a neat kick drum dialoguing with a crispy clap, alongside alluring vocal samples. Moving on to C2 we find another room, another atmosphere which is pure deep. Flip the vinyl and you’ll see pictures on the walls from one of our favorite movies from the eighties: if you listen carefully, D1 will evocate you familiar words... “Wax on, Wax off...” With D2 we step into the Lo-Fi, a sound that takes back to the present the warmth of the past in a new classy-chic fashion.
  • A1 LP001A1
  • A2 LP001A2
  • B1 LP001B1
  • B2 LP001B2
  • C1 LP001C1
  • C2 LP001C2
  • D1 LP001D1
  • D2 LP001D2